Don’t Run Away

Don’t run away from things. Instead, run to things. Define your values, goals, needs and wants and then do things that use or encompass your values, etc. in your life. Sometimes we have to remove ourselves from toxic and uncomfortable circumstances. But to do so without the direction of those values, goals, needs will just drag the same toxic uncomfortable circumstances with us.


Jealousy and resentment have less to do with what others are doing and more to do with what you are not.

Heaven and Hell

Hell and the gnashing of teeth is just before we draw our last breath and we realize we did not repair the things we broke while we were alive; things such as relationships, hope, feelings, integrity, faith and such.  Similarly heaven is the knowing that we did our best to make those repairs. Purgatory is not knowing the difference between those two things while we’re alive.

Big Problems

The bigger the problem one may have the bigger the unmet need one may have as well. If you meet that need and you may solve the problem. I don’t believe there are broken people; perhaps people just have unmet needs. I think helping people identify and meet their needs will move people further in the direction they want to go.  Merely looking at the problem from a different angle often just brings along with it strong avoidance and pain that we then have to wrestle with as well.   When we look at needs and ways to meet them we consider strengths and possibilities and hope and ideas for growth. 

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