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I have been working in the behavioral health and counseling field for over 34 years. I enjoy what I do, and I value being available to you. It is a gift to me in this capacity and I have never dreaded Monday mornings. I am one of the few private practice clinicians available to work with individuals experiencing some of the most intrusive, uncomfortable and unwanted experiences.  I can help individuals struggling with psychosis related to schizophrenia, substances and other circumstances.

In my part of my documentary “Crazywise” www.crazywisefilm.com , I am an advocate for needed changes in the treatment of mental illnesses in the United States. There are reasons for- and I believe meanings- behind the symptoms of one’s experiences. The concept of a broken brain seems to not be helpful or accurate.

I have experience as a counselor, manager, and a trainer in the private sector, and in community mental health programs in Oregon, Missouri and Washington.

I have an M.S. from Souther Oregon Unversity, and I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington. I’ve developed and taught post-divorce parenting, and picking the right person for the right relationship programs. Throughout my career, I’ve spoken to thousands of individuals, via individual work, workshops on parenting, relationships and crisis intervention. I’ve taught Mental Health First Aid courses in Washington and in Hawaii.

I value living by the Japanese proverb, “Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight”.


I am here to help you get to where you want to be in your life in relationships and business. I find that most people have a sense of where they want to be and where they don’t. My approach is to help you put these ideas in the middle of the room and turn them to see the different facets. The ultimate goal is for you to pick a side and develop a plan to make it real for you.

You have no doubt heard about mind/body/spiritual strategies and about the need to be in balance. I think we can take a look at these ideas and develop a plan that uses the right realm or strength for the job. Sometimes lack of changes in chronic conditions is a result of focusing on the wrong tool for the job. I can help you use the right strengths to finally and effectively make needed positive changes.

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