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Anxiety is a combination of an emotional and physical reaction. It is not about will power or anything you are doing wrong. It is an experience that often develops into learned coping skill, as maladaptive as it may become. You can understand how this happened and you can learn another way to be. I can help you understanding your fear response, why you have it and what to expect of it.


Depression is a treatable condition with many facets. The strategies we will develop will be across these facets. A comprehensive approach of support and treatment is what is called for and what will help. The experience of depression is often an indication of unmet needs and sometimes understanding what the specific symptoms of depression mean is the successful approach.


Distressing experiences such as voices, auditory and visual hallucinations, extreme fears and paranoia, delusions and other maladaptive and fixed thoughts and beliefs are commonly associated with diagnoses of schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and other conditions.  Understanding the meaning behind these experiences is more helpful than assuming an individual has a broken brain in some way.  Medications are useful band aids to help keep these experiences or symptoms at a level so that we can work on the reasons for these experiences. Understanding the elements of your wellness is often more useful than only focusing on the symptoms. Often lacking control over these experiences is as distressing as the experiences themselves. I help people develop a multifaceted plan to understand and control the disruptive experiences of severe symptoms.


Emotional and psychological distress and aging can often become complicated, if you as the caregiver, struggle with your own mental wellness. Similarly, if your partner, child or other person in your care suffers from mental illness or struggles with their own mental wellness, it is often difficult to know how to support without enabling. Even “mild” psychological symptoms can have catastrophic consequences in vulnerable later life scenarios. I can help you set expectations, boundaries and develop realistic care plans that support the care giver as well as the care receiver.

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